CATS ARE carnivores

Fresh, real food.
For cats.

The UK’s first personalised cat food made from only fresh, real meat

I have cat(s) in my family

We’re putting cats (and cat parents) first 😻

  • Purfectly Fresh contains ONLY human-quality meat for our little carnivores. NO animal derivatives. NO vegetables. NO grains. EVER! 😺
  • Every meal is pursonalised just for your kitten or cat 🐾
  • We gently cook real meat to lock in natural flavours and key nutrients. Just like you would in your kitchen 😺
  • We say NO to preservatives, grains, fillers, vegetable proteins and confusing ingredient lists 😽
  • Prices start from £1.50 a day and are delivered (for free!) directly to U.K. cat flaps 😹
  • The days of cats coming second to dogs are OVER! 🐱🥇

The Purfectly Fresh approach


We’re cat parents who grew tired of commercial cat food brands advertising junk food as healthy food for our cats.
So we created a cat food brand that makes sense specifically for their unique nutritional and biological needs.


Formulated by nutritionists

Our nutritional supplement contains the vitamins and minerals that they need to live their best (9) lives. See “Our Food” page for exactly what is included. We believe in transparency at all times.


High protein & moisture

Cats are obligate carnivores. They’ve evolved to eating a protein-rich diet that provides a source of moisture. Benefits may include reduced obesity risk, diabetes and urinary tract problems.


100% human-quality meat

Proudly taste tested by cats and humans! You’ll only find meat that is human-quality in our meals (along with our nutritional mix). We don’t believe in meat derivatives or off-cuts from an abattoir floor.


Sustainability & ethics

We love the environment as much as we love our cats. From using a carbon neutral delivery partner to our packaging, stay tuned for more updates. We also believe in giving back.

I have cat(s) in my family

How do we compare? 😼

Spent hours trying to find the best food for your kittens and cats? We have too and feel your pain! Ingredient lists, serving guidelines and nutritional claims are a minefield!

So we’ve researched the “grocery store” cat foods and put them into an easy to compare table that’s based on a chicken recipe for an average sized cat.

We believe in offering cat parents TRANSPARENCY.

Purfectly Fresh
Cost per day £1.85
Protein content 21.5%
Real meat content (meat we would eat!) 100%

Benefits for cats
(& their cat parents!) 😺


Month 1

Less junk in = Less junk out

Cats need high protein diets. If you cut out grains and other fillers, there’s less undigested waste which means cleaner (better smelling) litter trays!


Month 2-4

Smooth operator

Nutrients that can only be found in meat help to maintain healthy skin and coats, keeping your cat hair-ball free and silky smooth!


Month 4-5

More zoomies

Simply put, cats turn protein into energy. More protein means more get up and go. A cat on a high protein diet is also less likely to over-eat.

I have cat(s) in my family

How Purfectly Fresh works


Getting started with Purfectly Fresh is easy as 1, 2, 3… 4!


Create a pursonalised meal plan

Every cat is unique. So tell us all about yours using our quick and easy to use questionnaire. We’ll create a FRESH, nutritious meal plan JUST for them (pursonalised to their age, sex, activity level and body shape).


Trial a 2-week starter box

We know cats are fussy (and we wouldn’t have them any other way). So taste test their meal plan for 2-weeks and figure out what flavours they love. The team will be here every step of the way to help with transitioning.


Eco-friendly delivery (to your door)

You choose a delivery day and the delivery frequency (every 2/4/6-weeks). It’s easy! They will arrive in sheep-wool insulated boxes by our green carbon-neutral delivery partner. There is also no need to stay in to wait for the box. Phew!


A subscription plan that suits you

Log-in to your account to adjust, paws or cancel your subscription at any time. Everything can be done with the click of a button. There’s no need to worry about being locked into a subscription plan that’s a nightmare to adjust.


Cats love us

Hear their purrr-raise 😻😻😻



“Cleaner litter tray. Softer fur. More energy”

“I’ve definitely noticed positive differences in their litter tray, they seem to have more energy and their fur is softer than ever after just a month of feeding them Purfectly Fresh.”



“My cats come running for Purfectly Fresh”

“I tried this cat food initially just for a change and to see if it would suit my older cat in particular. She had been on dry food so I was a bit worried as to how she would take to it. I needn’t have worried at all!”



“My cats just couldn’t get enough!”

“Luna and Leo just couldn’t get enough of the food, as soon as I put their bowls down it was gone in seconds! I will definitely be buying this again for my fur babies”



“No more horrible cat food smell”

“The first thing you will notice, it there is no horrible cat food smell with Purfectly Fresh. This made our cats come running as they could smell the natural meat, and figured I had cooked for them 😀”

I have cat(s) in my family