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How do you personalise meals for my kitten or cat?

Based on your answers during the questionnaire, our proprietary developed algorithm will ensure that your little one (kitten or cat) gets the purfect amount of calories and vitamins and nutrients to help them live their best (9) lives. We also offer a range of different flavours and recipes (Chicken, Turkey and Beef) to make sure that even the pickiest of cats find a high-quality animal protein, low carb, high moisture recipe that they love.

Is your food suitable for kittens?

Definitely! All our recipes are formulated with a PhD qualified nutritionist to make sure your kitten gets all of the protein, nutrients and minerals that they need. Purfectly Fresh is also great for kittens because all of our recipes are gently cooked (making them easy to digest for their little stomachs) and the high quality, fresh, real meat helps in muscle development.

Is Purfectly Fresh wet or dry?

Purfectly Fresh is a ‘wet’ food offering. As cats get most of their water from food, all of Purfectly Fresh’s recipes have high moisture levels to make sure they stay hydrated. Serving them food with a high moisture content can also have long-term benefits, especially for their urinary health and in helping to prevent obesity.

How much does Purfectly Fresh cost?

Purfectly Fresh starts at £1.50/day. We also offer discounts to cat parents with multiple little ones to try and help cat parents a little bit 🙂

What does "human-grade" or "fresh real meat" mean?

Simply put, the Chicken, Turkey and Beef that you find in all of our meals is exactly the same as what you would buy at your local supermarket or butcher. We don’t believe that cats should be eating highly processed, low quality off-cuts of meat. Our motto: “If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for them.” Whilst we wouldn’t recommend eating Purfectly Fresh yourself, our founders have been known to tuck in for a midnight snack 😺

Is Purfectly Fresh raw?

No! Although our food is 100% fresh, real meat, we gently cook it to make sure that any harmful bacteria is killed. Keeping cat parents and their cats safe 😺

Where do you cook your food?

All of Purfectly Fresh’s recipes are made in a kitchen (not a factory!) just outside of central London.

How do you cook your food?

All of Purfectly Fresh’s recipes are gently cooked (in a kitchen, not a factory!) to lock in the high quality protein, vitamins and minerals.

Where do your ingredients come from?

All of our fresh real meat is sourced from London’s Smithfield market. The same market that serves restaurants across the country 😺

Why do you add a vitamin and nutritional mix to your recipes?

Cats have very specific nutrient requirements and are very sensitive to nutrient deficiencies, so we’ve worked with a leading PHD qualified pet nutrionist, to make sure that all of our meals are balanced and provide your little one with all of the vitamins and minerals that they need to live their best (9) lives. Want more details on why we add specific vitmains and minerals? Check out the Purfectly Fresh Food page that breaks everything out

Do your recipes contain taurine?

Coming soon! Feel free to call us or drop us a Whatsapp on 07480 067 681 😺

Why don't you add vegetables or fruits to your meals?

Cats are obligate carnivores! There has been a big trend of humanisation of pet food in recent years, which has seen some cat food manufacturers add fruits and vegetables to their foods. Whilst the addition of ingredients like bananas and cranberries may sound great, the truth is that the very vast majority of vitamins come from the nutritional pre-mix that every manufacturer adds to their food. We believe in transparency. Not marketing tricks.

Why do you freeze Purfectly Fresh?

Freezing is nature’s natural preservative. We quickly freeze all of our meals after they’ve been cooked to lock in all the fresh goodness. We don’t believe is using anything artificial (like sodium nitrate – yuck!) to keep your cat’s meals FRESH.

How do I store Purfectly Fresh?

Freezing is a natural preservative, so we freeze our food immediately after its been freshly prepared and deliver it directly to you. We’d recommend keeping a few pouches in the fridge at all times and put the remainder in the freezer. As your little one(s) get through them, just replace the pouches in the fridge with the ones in your freezer as required. Keep opened pouches in your fridge FRESH with the clip provided in your starter box. Once a pouch has been opened use it within 3-days. Need frozen pouches quickly? Top tip (top cat): Just put the unopened pouch into a bowl of warm water to thaw.

How long does your food last for?

All our food can be kept in the fridge unopened for up to 7-days or opened for 3/4-days (and kept fresh with a clip provided in your starter box). In the freezer, our food can last for up to 12-months.

How do I serve Purfectly Fresh?

Coming soon! Feel free to call us or drop us a Whatsapp on 07480 067 681 😺

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