CATS ARE carnivores

How it works

We’ve set out how Purfectly Fresh works in 5 easy to follow steps below

I have cat(s) in my family
Step 1

01Tell us about your kitten or cat and get a 2-week trial

Every cat is different. So we ask you the key questions in our quick, easy to use questionnaire to create a fresh, nutritious meal plan just for them.

All of our meals are pawsonalised to a cat’s age, sex, activity level and body shape to ensure they get exactly the right amount of daily calories and nutrients.

Does your little one have a favourite protein? Not too keen on one? It’s easy to choose what you’d like in your trial box.

I have cat(s) in my family

02Purfectly Fresh chefs receive your order and begin cooking

Once the Purfectly Fresh chefs receive your kitten’s or cat’s details, they get to work in our kitchen just outside of London.

They only use the best natural ingredients (this means 100% fresh, real meat that we would eat!) and then gently cook the meat to lock in all of the vitamins and nutrients. Once cooked, we add our Purfectly Fresh nutritional mix and immediately freeze the meals (nature’s natural preservative).

Step 2
Step 3

03Eco-friendly delivery straight to your door (for FREE!)

We then pack your little one’s meals in a wool-insulated box (with lots of ice packs) and a pawsonalised welcome note and hand over the box to our carbon-neutral delivery partner.

We’ve designed the delivery process to be as easy and hassle free for cat parents as possible. You can choose your exact delivery day and how frequently you would like your meals delivered (every 2, 4 or 6-weeks). Every 4 and 6-weeks are free, but there is a small charge for every 2-weeks. You choose whatever works best for you (and your freezer space)

watch this space

04Transition & Serve (we are here to help at every step)

We have had some great success stories of older, fussier cats transitioning to PF… so don’t be nervous! Our team are always here to help, find out more on our Transitioning page below.

Our food comes in unique, messless squeeze pouches with calorie markers on the labels to help you feed the pawfect amount. We supply a free clip you can use to keep the food fresh until the next meal time!

Step 4
Step 5

05Adjust your subscription at any time (it’s easy to do)

You can log into your account or contact our team to change the recipes you receive or your cat’s daily calorie requirement.

If you run out of food too early (we all like to spoil our loved ones :)) you can easily adjust your next delivery date or contact our team.

Your account also makes it simple for you to pause or skip deliveries when you need to.


Cats love us

Hear their purrr-raise 😻



“Cleaner litter tray. Softer fur. More energy”

“I’ve definitely noticed positive differences in their litter tray, they seem to have more energy and their fur is softer than ever after just a month of feeding them Purfectly Fresh.”



“My cats come running for Purfectly Fresh”

“I tried this cat food initially just for a change and to see if it would suit my older cat in particular. She had been on dry food so I was a bit worried as to how she would take to it. I needn’t have worried at all!”



“My cats just couldn’t get enough!”

“Luna and Leo just couldn’t get enough of the food, as soon as I put their bowls down it was gone in seconds! I will definitely be buying this again for my fur babies”



“No more horrible cat food smell”

“The first thing you will notice, it there is no horrible cat food smell with Purfectly Fresh. This made our cats come running as they could smell the natural meat, and figured I had cooked for them 😀”

I have cat(s) in my family