CATS ARE carnivores


A simple guide to introducing your cat to a fresh food diet

I have cat(s) in my family

Getting Started

We find it works best to replace around 20% of your cat’s old (wet or dry) food with Purfectly Fresh, in the same bowl to start. You can increase this to 50% over the next few days.

Our Purfectly Powdered Chicken that is included for free in your trial pack can be used as a topper. All cats love it!

It may take trying Purfectly Fresh over 2-3 days for your cat to tuck in.


Getting there…

After 3-5 days of gradually increasing Purfectly Fresh, you can replace almost all of their old food. Some cats may have already started ignoring their old food, if this is the case then fully replace it.

We took around 4 days to get to 100% for our cats, but different cats will react differently, so go at a pace that suits them.


Feelin’ Fresh

After 5 or so days, your cat should be hooked on Purfectly Fresh. Great job! Now cat-parents cat sit back and watch their cat thrive.

I have cat(s) in my family

Cats (and cat parents) love us

Hear their purrr-raise 😻😻😻



“Cleaner litter tray. Softer fur. More energy”

“I’ve definitely noticed positive differences in their litter tray, they seem to have more energy and their fur is softer than ever after just a month of feeding them Purfectly Fresh.”



“My cats come running for Purfectly Fresh”

“I tried this cat food initially just for a change and to see if it would suit my older cat in particular. She had been on dry food so I was a bit worried as to how she would take to it. I needn’t have worried at all!”



“My cats just couldn’t get enough!”

“Luna and Leo just couldn’t get enough of the food, as soon as I put their bowls down it was gone in seconds! I will definitely be buying this again for my fur babies”



“No more horrible cat food smell”

“The first thing you will notice, it there is no horrible cat food smell with Purfectly Fresh. This made our cats come running as they could smell the natural meat, and figured I had cooked for them 😀”

I have cat(s) in my family